Prasada Rao, Ph.D.

Prasada Rao is Associate Professor and Chair of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. He joined the department, as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2002. Prior to this, he was a Research Associate in the Civil Engineering department at Duke University. His primary area is in Hydraulics and Hydrology. In recent years, he has taught courses related to Hydraulics, Hydraulic Structures, Hydrology and Groundwater. His research grants have been funded by EPA, ONR, DoD and other agencies.

He has been the Chair of the Department, since Fall 2008.


  1. Prasada Rao and Miguel Medina, Enhanced TABS-MDS model for simulating large scale free surface flows, Environmental Modeling and Software, 21:98-106, 2006.
  2. Prasada Rao, A Parallel RMA2 model for simulating large scale free surface flows, Environmental Modeling and Software, 20(1):47-53, 2004.
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  4. Prasada Rao, Two dimensional multiple grid algorithm for modeling transient open channel flows, Advances in Water Resources, 26(6): 685-690, 2003.
  5. Scott Yost, Prasada Rao and Russell Brown, Absorbing boundary technique for open channel flows, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, 33:641-656, 2000.

Complete List

Research Grants

  1. Assessing Recent High Volume Rainfall Events in San Bernardino County, County of San Bernardino, 8/11-10/11, $20,300 (Co-PI)
  2. Contamination Threats to Water Systems: Interception and Mitigation Tools, EPA, 5/05-4/08, $193,000 (PI)
  3. Design of Next Generation Sprinkler Head for Curved Landscapes, USBR, 10/03-06/05, $66,000 (PI)
  4. Parallel TABS-MDS Model for Simulating Large Scale Transport Processes, DoD-NAVO PET, 05/01-12/02, $314,338 (PI)
  5. A Hydrodynamic Model for Operational Modeling of Tidal Estuaries, ONR, 06/01-05/04, $602,000 (Co-PI)
  6. High Performance Computing Tools for A Finite-Difference Hydrodynamic Code: EFDC, 10/00-01/01, St. Johns River Water Management District, FL, $8,600 (Co-PI)
  7. Effect of Global Climate Change on Rainfall in Southern California, CSUF University Planning Initiative, 10/05-05/06, $9,000 (PI)
  8. Strengthening the drinking water infrastructure: A new era after September 11, 01, CSUF University Planning Initiative, 10/03-6/04, $14,000 (PI)