FLM for Already Credentialed Teachers

If you have a Multiple Subject credential and want to earn Single Subject authorization in Foundational-Level Mathematics you must meet two requirements:

  1. Establish subject matter competence by successfully passing CSET Mathematics Subtests 1 and 2, AND

  2. Complete EDSC 542M Teaching Foundational Level Mathematics in Secondary Schools (See: special summer section)*.  Check the summer school schedule here.

If you have an Education Specialist credential and want to add FLM, you will need to talk with the Orange County Department of Education about their VPSS program: http://vpss.ocde.us/

* Note that in order to enroll in EDSC 542M Summer Section you must have passed at least one subtest of the the CSET Mathematics exam (different from the math portion of the Multiple Subject CSET) OR have earned credit for 1 semester of calculus.