Said the community college instructor,

“Such poor ability in a student is a shame.

Lack of preparation in high school’s to blame.”


Said the high school teacher,

‘Good heavens, that boy’s a fool.

The fault, of course, is with the junior high school.”


The junior high school teacher said,

“From such stupidity may I be spared.

They sent him up to me so unprepared.”


The primary teacher huffed,

“Kindergarden blockheads all.

They call that preparation?  Why it’s worse than none at all.”


The kindergarten teacher said,

“Such lack of training never did I see.

What kind of woman must that mother be.


The mother said,

“Poor helpless child, he’s not to blame.

His father’s people were all the same.”


Said the father at the end of the line,

“I doubt the rascal’s even mine.”


-unknown author