Linda Orozco, Ph.D.


Final Development Plan
Evidence Report


(Original Plan)


Student Evaluations

Exhibit high quality teaching by receiving excellent to good ratings on all courses, supported by positive student & faculty comments

Per semester Notebk: Gen. 5.30

Notebk: A.I.21

Course - OnLine Delivery

Expand my current use of technology in instruction to include a full online course in Educational Leadership [anchored to effectiveness & purposefulness]

Increase online activities in current classes; with full online course offered Spring 2001 Notebk: A.II.A-C
Visitations/Reviews by Colleagues

Invite instructional review by colleagues each semester resulting excellent to good evaluations

Per semester- beginning Spring 2000 Notebk: A.I.22
Leadership Symposium

Serve as planning chair in the development and implementation of a program-wide Leadership Symposium for all Ed. Leadership department students/faculty per year. [in collaboration with department faculty]

Per year- beginning Spring 2000 Notebk: A.I.23-26
Technology Infusion in Instructional Delivery

Continue and expand appropriate use of technological tools in all courses including email, online chats and lectures, electronic bulletin boards and forums, teleconferencing, and use of websites for course content enhancement

Ongoing Notebk: A.II.D-M

Instructional Assessment

Continue and expand use of appropriate, effective, and authentic methods of student assessment including but not limited to case study analysis, apprenticeships, and problem-based learning.

Ongoing Notebk: A.I.27-31
OnLine Publishing

Continue the publication's contract with Coursewise Publishing Inc. for online publications in Educational Leadership and Diverse Populations. This includes editor's columns, online worksheets, and content topic reviews

Ongoing Notebk: B.4-6
'Virtual' OnLine Leadership Community

Continue an on-going professional research agenda focused on the professional development of educational leaders through use of communications technology - Design, develop, and publish a comprehensive, interactive website for school leaders. [In collaboration with two key educational leadership organizations, one statewide (CAPEA) and the other national (TEA-SIG)]

2000- ongoing Notebk: B.19
Journal Publications

Complete and submit an article for publication in a peer-reviewed journal in the field each year

Per Year Notebk: B.7-13
Book Publication

Work on new edition of my book Educating Diverse Populations for publication.

2000-2001 Notebk: B.1-3
Scholarly Presentations

Delivery scholarly presentations at state, national and/or international conferences based on scholarly research and publications

1-2 annually Notebk: B.22-E
Professional Development

Continue individual professional development in areas of leadership, technology, instructional delivery & effectiveness

PowerPoint Workshops

WebCT Workshops

Notebk: A.II.U-W
Educational Leadership Department Website

Serve as website coordinator for the department. Coordinate the revision, design and operation of a comprehensive department website to serve prospective/current students, faculty, and alumni.

2000-2001 [Structured timeline from the School of HDCS] Notebk: C.25
Statewide Professional Leadership - CAPEA

Provide leadership in the California Association of Professors of Educational Administration (CAPEA) as president-elect and President during the next two years.

President-Elect: 1999-2000

President: 2000-2001

Notebk: C.1
National Professional Leadership - TEA-SIG

Provide leadership in Teaching in Educational Administrator-Special Interest Group as an officer in the organization. This is part of the American Educational Research Association.

Secretary/Treasurer: 1999-ongoing Notebk: C.2
Community-based Service

Continue work on the Latino Leadership Council of Costa Mesa; and increase involvement and leadership in the Hispanic Educational Academic Fund (HEAF) of Orange County.

Ongoing Notebk: C.C-E
Editorial Board

Continue to serve on the editorial boards of two refereed publications: Educational Leadership and Administration: Teaching and Program Development and International Electronic Journal for Leadership in Learning.

Ongoing Notebk: C.7-10
Professional Presentations

Delivery presentations at professional meetings and workshops

1-2 annually Notebk: B.22-E

School Service

Serve on the Technology Committee for the School of Human Development And Community Service.

Ongoing Notebk: C.28

School Service

Serve on the Faculty Affairs Committee for the School of Human Development And Community Service.

Ongoing Notebk: C.29

University Service

Seek and serve on a university-wide committee

Beginning 2000-2001 Notebk: C.30