Reference Sources on the Web

Getting Started
     CSUF Library Research Guide (Especially for LBST students at CSUF).

Look it Up
     Webster's Dictionary Online:  A good general use dictionary).
     OED:  The Oxford English Dictionary, the definitive dictionary for the English language.  Requires a subscription (CSUF students can use this on campus or through a CSUF proxy).
     Encyclopaedia Britannica

Search the Web
     There is a great deal of variety in search engines both in terms of their power and their reliability. I recommend the following over all of their competitors:
Other search engines have smaller databases or make money by steering you toward certain web pages. Regardless of the search engine you choose, read the tips for using the search engine--strategies and tricks for excluding unwanted references are usually available.
     Be sure to consult my guide to Evaluating Web Sources for tips on assessing the reliability of the information you find on the web.

Finding Books
     If your search of the
CSUF  library catalog fails, you should be automatically directed to LINK+, a consortium of several libraries that have agreed to transfer their books to each other as needed.
     If you can't find the book you need through CSUF or LINK+, you should consult the staff at CSUF Interlibrary Loan.
     Alternately, you can try one of the area's larger research libraries:

Tech Support
     Help downloading .pdf files

Specialized Help
     Science and Technology Resources on the Internet is an excellent guide to Web sources in the History of Science, prepared by Marianne Stowell Bracke and Paul J. Bracke.  

     Each of my courses has a web site with specific reference advice:
          LBST 302A (Science, Art, & Social Thought from Antiquity to the Renaissance)
          LBST 302B (Science, Art, & Social Thought from the Renaissance to the Modern Period)
          LBST 304 (Contemporary Science Studies)
          LBST 491 (Literature and Science)

LBST students seeking Advising should contact the LBST Department Office.



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