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Senior Seminar in Literature and Science
Craig McConnell

Course Materials:
        Syllabus (Spring 2007)
               Syllabi from Previous Semesters
        Author Profiles prepared by students in LBST 491.
        Background Issues prepared by students in LBST 491.
        Reading Journal, Guidelines, and Checklist.

        www.lablit.com a web site devoted to "the culture of science in fiction and fact"

        www.gnooks.com a web site that lets you move from authors you know to authors you might like even more

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Course Requirements:
This course has three basic components. Students will be responsible for:
• The support of an active learning community. This includes participating in (and occasionally leading) our discussions of shared readings.  
• Completion of five short assignments throughout the semester.
• The production of a reflective essay on some aspect of the relations between literature and science that reaches beyond our shared reading.

Course Description:
An interdisciplinary examination of the relationships between literary and scientific communities, and of literature as a forum for the critique, appraisal, and assessment of science in culture.

This seminar is concerned with two complementary themes:

To get a better sense of the character and aims of LBST 491, consider these samples of the interactions between literature and science.

This course is not a “science fiction course”. Students interested in one should consider English 373

Prerequisite: Senior standing and Liberal Studies 302B. 
Satisfies the requirement for a senior seminar for Thematic Plan and Elementary Education Plan Liberal Studies Majors.

Reference Sources:
The University of Dundee (UK) English Department maintains a vast collection of literary links at the following URL:

The Society for Literature and Science holds annual conferences and publishes the journal Configurations three times a year.

The Modern Language Association (MLA) compiles a current bibliography of literary studies (particularly important for sources post-1980, not included in The Relations of Literature and Science).  [Link will only connect students with CSUF Internet Access.]

The Gale Group's Literature Resource Center is a collection of on-line reference sources.  It is a particularly good place to start investigating the biographical and bibliographical details of authors.  [Link will only connect students with CSUF Internet Access.]

More general resources for students can be found on my Home Page.

A list of other Literature and Science Syllabi.

My Miscellany, a list of unsorted links to other pages that might be of interest.

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