Web Resources for AMST 445
The Cold War in American Culture
Craig McConnell

Course Materials:
     Syllabus for Spring 2007.    
     Writing Assignment for Essay #1 (due March  1, 2007)
             Writing Advice

     American Studies at Cal State Fullerton
     Reading Advice for DeLillo's Underworld
             Syllabi from previous semesters:

Links to Interesting Web Sites:
    Cold War Hot Links maintained by David Price at St. Martin's College
    The Cold War Museum  (affiliated with the Smithsonian).
    Political Cartoons by Herb Block (Online Exhibit at the Library of Congress)
        Nuclear Fear
From the Modern History Sourcebook:
       Churchill's "Iron Curtain" Speech
       Truman's Address before a Joint Session of Congress (The Truman Doctrine)

Programs for Advanced Study of the Cold War:
     Cold War International History Project at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.
     The Center for Cold War Studies at the University of California Santa Barbara.
     Harvard Project on Cold War Studies