Web Resources for LBST 302B
Historical Dimensions of Liberal Studies
Craig McConnell

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Course Materials:
Syllabus (Spring 2007)
Lecture Outlines and Study Guides:
   Natural Science (McConnell)

A Time Line with a few key figures to start you off -- you might want to print this and update it as we go along.

       Key to my editing marks.

Retrograde Motion of the Planets (animated images and text).
Ratio of Inscribed and Circumscribed Spheres for Platonic Solids

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General Web Sources of Interest to Liberal Studies Students
    MIT Classics on the Web
    Internet Public Library, online access to many great texts
    The Perseus Project, texts, images, and more
    The Catholic Encyclopedia, A vast collection of articles on the historical development and impact of the Catholic Church, Catholicism, and important historical Catholic figures.

Specific Sites Pertinent to 302B:
    The Galileo Project at Rice University is a comprehensive look at Galileo, his work, and his times.
    Comparison of Scholastic and Mechanistic World Views (Aristotelian vs Newtonian outlooks).
    Newton and Astrology
    Guide to Sources on Science in the Enlightenment
    Darwin and The Origin of Species
      Map of the Beagle's Voyage, 1831-1836.
      Homologous Parts.

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